Do I need to claim a UK pension?

Denise is confused as to whether or not she needs to apply for a pension from the UK. And if so, what effect will it have on her Australian Age Pension?

Q. Denise
Can you please advise me on how my husband and I stand with our Australian Age Pension? We were told by Centrelink to apply for the British pension, as we had worked there before coming to Australia. We are just wondering if we will be any better off if we receive any money from Britain, or will it just all be deducted from our Australian Age Pension?

A. You will need to apply for a pension from the UK, as Centrelink may stop your Australian Age Pension if you don’t. Any pension you receive from the UK will be counted as income and therefore, depending on other income you receive, may reduce the level of the Australian Age Pension that you’re paid. You can view the current income thresholds here.

In many instances, Centrelink’s international services can help you with your claim for an overseas pension, and if it can’t help it can usually suggest who can.

You can also find out more about claiming a UK state pension at

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