Which generation gets it right?

One thing that younger generations seem to forget is that whatever path you tread, the chances are the generation before has been there and done that.

That’s exactly what the travelling collective, Global Degree, has done. Comprising of millennials who have turned their backs on the value of a university degree or the need to work in a traditional environment, their latest video clip has incensed the older generations.

Claiming to be seizing the day by working and travelling where the notion takes them, Global Degree has also had a pop at the older generation for “merely existing”. Of course, what Global Degree fails to acknowledge is that the older generation were the first to backpack around the world – they just didn’t have access to technology to enable them to capture every inane experience.

Not only did older generations travel the world, they did so after saving hard for their trip and, by and large, didn’t return to large credit card debts. And this is despite not being able to “work on a beach in Indonesia”.

The backlash has been suitably fierce, forcing Global Degree to remove the video. But we’ve managed to scrounge a copy.

Without wishing to ignite intergenerational warfare debate, let’s see how many of Global Degree’s disciples are whining in the next 10 years about not being able to afford to buy a home!

Read Ben Groundwater’s biting take on this video at traveller.com.au

What do you think? Should the video clip be taken as a bit of a laugh? Or is it as patronising as the online backlash would suggest?

Written by Debbie McTaggart

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