Will the Carer Supplement be paid?

YourLifeChoices has received several queries as to whether or not the Carer Supplement will be paid this year. The good news is yes and here’s what you need to know about the payment.

The Carer Supplement is a $600 annual lump sum payment, automatically paid with the first income support payment you receive on or after 1 July. It is paid to those who are entitled to receive the following payments as at 1 July:

  • Carer Allowance
  • Carer Payment
  • both Wife Pension and Carer Allowance.


The supplement is fixed at $600 and is paid in addition to your income support payment. You may be eligible to receive more than one supplement if:

  • you receive more than one of the above payments
  • you receive the Carer Allowance for more than one person.


If you share the care for a person, or you only provide part-time care, the payment will be paid in proportion to how much care you actually provide.

For more information, visit humanservices.gov.au

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