Your retirement and the Age Pension March 2015

Whether you receive a part, full, or indeed any, Age Pension depends largely upon the level of income and assets you have. The complexity of Centrelink calculations means that many retirees have little or no idea how their retiement income will be assessed. This confusion serves to highlight the need for simplified and concise information on retirement and the Age Pension.

Each quarter, YourLifeChoices updates the relevant income and asset thresholds, pension payment rates and changes to legislation which may affect your Age Pension eligibility. This information is then published in Your retirement and the Age Pension, an electronic magazine which is available to our members to download free of charge.

Answering frequently asked questions such as ‘how do I start my retirement?’, ‘will I get an Age Pension?’ and ‘how much pension will I receive?’, Your retirement and the Age Pension really is your first port of call.

So, whether you need to know if you’ll qualify for an Age Pension, how your pension will be affected if your circumstances change, or how working after Age Pension age could be financially beneficial, you can view Your retirement and the Age Pension online, using Issuu. If you’d prefer to view in a scrolling page format, similar to a PDF, simply click the book icon in the Issuu toolbar and use the scroll bar to navigate through the pages. If you need a refresher, then Drew’s instructions should help.

We thank MLC, the sponsor of this April edition and hope you find the information in Your retirement and the Age Pension useful. If you have a question you would like answered, please don’t hesitate to email us at [email protected].

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