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It’s Awkward Moments Day – a day to celebrate the cringeworthy

Chances are you didn’t know this but today, 18 March, is Awkward Moments Day. A day to celebrate (or commiserate) the moments that make you cringe.

The exact origin and the founder of National Awkward Moments Day are still unknown. The anonymous founder of this holiday created this day for the people to embrace all the awkward moments in their lives and to have a laugh at them.

The embarrassing moments in your life usually make the best stories and life lessons for your kids and grandkids.

It’s probably no surprise that Awkward Moment’s Day comes just one day after St Patrick’s Day on 17 March. The Irish national day has long been associated with heavy drinking and (potentially) embarrassing moments.

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It’s easier to laugh at yourself once you’re not actually living the awkward moment. Sometimes you just need to laugh about it, and Awkward Moments Day gives us just that avenue.

If you’re struggling to think of an awkward moment, well then lucky you! But here is some inspiration from around the internet.

Forget about Dad

When I walked down the aisle at my wedding, I was so nervous and focused on not tripping, that I did not acknowledge my dad. I didn’t realise this until I saw the video my aunt had made for me. You can see my dad lean in to give me a kiss on the cheek but I just keep walking. He kind of shrugs and then goes to sit down. It’s been 18 years and this still flashes through my head when I’m trying to fall asleep.

Racy … footwear?

We were two Aussie travellers experiencing some of the highlights of the USA.

I had been around the block travelling for a few years and knew some of the language variations between the two English-speaking countries. My friend however, was a bit of a novice when it came to this.

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After arriving in the bright, shiny city of Las Vegas, we ventured out to explore. A popular choice was watching one of the stage shows available at nearly every casino on the strip.

As I had booked most of our activities before leaving Australia, we were asked to come and collect the tickets for our show earlier in the day.

So when picking up the tickets from the booking clerk, we were trying to understand the signage and dress code suitable for entering the theatre.

My friend then proceeded to ask: “Can we wear thongs?”

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There was a blank stare and a cheeky smirk from the booking guy and I instantly replied to him that my friend wasn’t asking him if she needed to wear “underwear”, but was in fact asking if we could wear flip-flops.

Trying to be encouraging

I was chatting with the frontman of an average band. He gave me their music so that I could listen to their compositions. I didn’t like them, except for one song. I answered, frankly, that the songs sounded mediocre except for the one.

Turned out, it was the only song that was sung by a different person.

Can you think of any awkward moments from your life? Any cringeworthy stories from your youth? Let us know in the comments section below.

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