Attenborough’s memorable moments

Sir David Attenborough has graced TV screens for more than 50 years, travelling to all corners of the globe to film fascinating footage of the natural world. His passion for animals and nature, along with his enormous contribution to BBC broadcasting, have made him an icon and widely revered individual. Attenborough’s voice – the perfect mix of soothing, informative and expressive – is instantly recognisable, with his narration abilities seemingly unparalleled.

Attenborough’s career as a broadcaster began at the BBC in the 1950s. Since then he’s received more honorary degrees than anyone else (32, if you were wondering), had 15 species named after him, and been knighted. Some might say he’s in a world of his own! And despite being 91, the world’s most famous naturalist hasn’t shown any signs of slowing down.

Watch some of Attenborough’s most hilarious and lively moments in this short video.

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