Explore Hong Kong’s Sharp Island

When we think of Hong Kong, most people think of exploring bustling city streets, admiring the city lights from across the water at night and enjoying some of the world’s best street food. While these are among the many attractions the city has on offer, few people realise that hiking through nature and enjoying stunning coastline views are just a short boat ride away.

Sharp Island is just a short ferry trip from Sai Kung. Upon arrival you’ll discover a number of secluded beaches, hikes and lookouts with stunning views. At low tide you can cross an exposed land bridge to a smaller adjoining island and explore it on foot.

This promotional clip takes you on a mini tour of the Sharp Island, to let you in on some of the island’s best-kept secrets.

The island is just one of Hong Kong’s many little-known wonders. Learn more at DiscoverHongKong.com


Have you visited Hong Kong? If you could visit Sharp Island next year, who would you take with you?

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