25 ways to save $25 a week

Saving money may not come so easy for many of us, and for others, it’s a matter of having it to save in the first place. But there are ways that everyone can save at least $25 per week. Here are 25 of them:

  1. keep a list and track exactly how much you spend each day. Even the small purchases will add up. Remember, we’re trying to save you money over the course of a week, so $1 here and and 50c there will count in the end
  2. make a weekly meal plan before you shop, so you only buy what you need. Research the best deals on your groceries before you shop. Oh, and have a snack before you go, because shopping when hungry is a recipe for wasting money
  3. make your own meals for lunch and dinner and stay away from takeaway food
  4. go through your closet with the change of season and sell what you don’t use any more – through eBay, garage sales or markets
  5. find out if there are any concession cards for which you qualify, then use them to save
  6. conduct a quarterly review of your bills and fixed costs (e.g. insurance, utilities), then compare them with other providers to see if you can find a better deal
  7. catch public transport as much as possible and walk whenever you’re able. You’ll not only save money week in, week out, but you’ll also stay healthier and save on health costs in the long run
  8. put whatever gold coins you have at the end of each day into an opaque tin and try to forget about them. You’ll be amazed at how much this can add up to over a period of time
  9. when heating your home, keep doors to unused rooms closed and block any gaps that can cause drafts or allow heat to escape. Also, cover your windows to insulate and keep in the heat. This approach will also work for the summer months when you want to keep your house cool
  10. buy your basics at ALDI or similar stores
  11. put aside 10 per cent of your income to save for emergencies. This will mean you have money you can use instead of a credit card, saving you on fees and interest
  12. give yourself a manicure, or colour your own hair – rather than paying for it
  13. if you like a tipple, head to your local during happy hour, or find other venues close by that also offer discount drinks
  14. look for places that offer cheap Tuesday specials. Also, fill your car up on a Tuesday – it’s usually the lowest-price fuel day of the week
  15. if you’re not using a room, turn off the lights. If you’re not using an electrical appliance, switch it off at the wall. That goes for your television, kettle, toaster, modem, microwave and so on. You can save 10 per cent on your total power costs just by turning off these power parasites
  16. dry your clothes on the clothesline, and dry your hair with a towel
  17. budget for each time you walk out the door and only take cash when you go – leave your credit and ATM card at home. That way, you only spend what you have
  18. borrow books and magazines from the library and read the paper at your café or library instead of buying it
  19. buy toilet paper and non-perishable foods in bulk, or consider creating a food co-op to make buying in bulk even more affordable
  20. always check your dockets and receipts for discount deals, and use your fuel discounts as often as you can
  21. if you do take your ATM card with you when you go out, always use your own bank’s ATMs so you don’t get stung with the minimum $2 transaction fee
  22. do monthly clothes swaps with friends
  23. drink your coffee at home, or get the kids to shout!
  24. ask yourself “do I need this?” – this will prevent you from making impulse purchases
  25. visit YourLifeChoices daily – we love to share new ways to save you money and simplify your retirement (shameless plug!)


You’ll save money just by implementing even a few of these guidelines each week. Choose the ones that best suit your lifestyle and remember, if you save at least $25 per week, you’ll have an extra $1300 per year with which to play. Just think what you can do with $1300?

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