Charged for paying cash

Toby has noticed a charge of $3.20 on his Telstra bill, just because he pays in cash, and he would like to know if this is allowed?

Q. Toby

I am a pensioner and I recently paid my Telstra account by cash at an Australia Post outlet. On my next account there was an additional fee of $3.20 with a notation ‘Fee for your last Non-Electronic Payment’. Can it really do this? I thought cash was legal tender and should be accepted for any payment of any account. What would happen if one didn’t have a computer to pay electronically? Extending this theory it could become ludicrous if every shop and gas station, etc., charged extra for paying by cash.

A. Telstra can and do, as you are aware, charge for non-electronic payments. In fact, the charge has just increased from $2 to $3.20.

If you are registered for Telstra’s Pensioner Discount, Disability Equipment Program or hold an Australian Government Health Care Card, then you should not be charged this fee.

If you do not have an email address or access to a computer, you can arrange to pay your bill by direct debit to avoid the fee.

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Written by Debbie McTaggart

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