Awesome apps for forgetful people

Life can be pretty hectic at times. Forget ageing—whoa, wait, what was I going to say? Darn, I forgot. Now, maybe if I had an app that could help me remember things?

Here are eight apps that will prove invaluable to anyone who has trouble remembering everything. You’ll never forget to remember again!


apps for forgetful people evernote

Evernote is a great all-round app for recording pretty much anything that comes to mind. From to-do lists to notes, pictures and articles, this handy app allows you to store anything you may need for future reference. And the best part is, all of your info is safely stored online, so you can access it from your desktop, smartphone or tablet, anytime, anywhere.
Available free for desktop, iOS and Android


apps for forgetful people lastpass

If you ever have trouble remembering your myriad passwords, then LastPass will prove itself invaluable to you. The free version of this practical password-managing app stores all your passwords for any websites you visit and keeps them secure with strong encryption and a single master password. A premium version, available for $12 per year, stores and syncs all your passwords for all of your devices, so you’ll never need to remember them again. Except that master password, of course. Read more about LastPass.
Available free for desktop, iOS and Android


apps for forgetful people apple reminders

Your iOS and MacOS device comes with a very capable reminder app called, funnily enough, Reminders. This standard app allows you to easily create to-do lists, which can be assigned to different aspects of life, such as house, shopping, bucket-list, and so on. You can also set reminders to help you remember to do the items on your list. The reminders can be set for a certain time, or when you arrive at a particular location. Say you need milk, well, you set a reminder and a location of your milk bar or supermarket, and when you’re close by, Reminders will send you, you guessed it, a reminder.

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To Do Reminder

apps for forgetful people to do reminders

This is another brilliant list-making app. One particularly clever feature of To Do Reminder, though, is that it allows you to make all your notes by voice – so you don’t even have to type! Pretty handy, and great for when you’re on the go.
Available free for iOS and Android

Do It (Tomorrow)

apps for forgetful people do it tomorrow

Not everyone has time to do everything in one day, and for those people, Do It (Tomorrow) may be the ideal app. With Do It (Tomorrow), you simply set your list of to-dos, and whatever you can’t get done today, you shuffle to tomorrow. So, by putting off your less-important unfinished tasks until tomorrow, you’ll still have a sense of achievement today. Hooray!
Available free for iOS and Android

Countdown+ Event Reminders

apps for forgetful people countdown reminders

Ever have trouble remembering birthdays, or other special days, such as anniversaries or when you should change your kitty litter? Well, if you couldn’t already tell that one by the smell (the kitty litter, not the birthday or anniversary), you’ll be happy to know that Countdown+ Event Reminders is an ideal app to help remind you of those occasions.

This app allows you to set prompts for special events, enabling you to customise reminders with photographs, fonts and colours. Once you’ve made your reminder look all pretty, you can set a timer that counts down the minutes til the day arrives. So you’ll never need an excuse for forgetting your anniversary. Sorry.
Available free for iOS, Android and Windows Phone


apps for forgetful people triplist

Don’t you just love packing for a trip? And with all the preparation in the world, you, like me, may arrive and still have forgotten your phone charger or underwear (except the ones you’re wearing, of course). Well TripList may make leaving your knickers at home a little more difficult and, at the same time, make packing a far less stressful task. Simply create your holiday list well in advance and TripList will send you gentle reminder for when you should start packing. Once you’ve checked the boxes next to your packed items, it will give you an update on what you’ve left out of your bag. And once you’ve made one list, you can transfer it to your next holiday. Pretty handy huh?
Available free for iOS

Mint Bills (iOS and Android, Free)

apps for forgetful people mint bills

Keeping track of paying your bills can be a daunting task. And all those late payments can cost you a pretty penny too. Mint Bills tracks the dates on which your bills are due, then sends you a reminder of when you should pay them. It even has a facility to securely link your accounts and payments and, although it already informs you of when bills need to be paid, also offers an automatic payment option, so you’ll never have a late fee again.
Available free for iOS and Android

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