Do you qualify for a PCC?

Age pensioner Bob has received a Pensioner Concession Card with his wife’s name on it, even though she’s not on the Age Pension. He thinks it’s a mistake. Is it?


Q. Bob
I received my Age Pension and my Pensioner Concession Card two weeks ago. I’m being paid the single couple rate. My wife is 58 and doesn’t qualify for any payment.

Today, I received another Pensioner Concession Card with my wife’s name on it. Is this normal or is it a mistake by Centrelink?

A. Yes, this is the norm. Because you are assessed as a couple, your wife is also entitled to receive concessions on health services on PBS medication. Bulk billing and reduced rate medical appointments are at the concession of the provider, as are many of the other concessions that you will be entitled to yourself.


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