Five ways to spend less on food

Grocery bills just seem to keep rising, but these five simple tips could help you save at the checkout.

Ask for a discount
Many local shops, and even larger supermarkets, will offer senior shoppers a discount of five or 10 per cent on slow shopping days. Strangely, these aren’t always widely publicised, so it may pay to ask at the checkout or customer service desk.

Buy fresh and make your own
Pre-packaged food or ready-to-eat-meals are usually more expensive than making your own. Cooking food that is packed with grains and vegetables is not only better for your health, but is also cheaper than expensive meats and additives.

Check the catalogues
Take five minutes once a week to browse the supermarket catalogues to see what’s on special. Don’t buy goods just because they’re cheaper, but if something you would usually buy is on sale, stock up.

Eat before you leave the house
Breakfast is not only the most important meal of the day, it’s an additional expense that you don’t need to incur. Don’t leave the house before you eat breakfast as you may find that you have to buy an expensive and unhealthy snack mid-morning.

Embrace market day
Australia’s cosmopolitan cultural influences make food fun. If you live near an area that has a particular ethnic society, then there’s a good chance there will be a vibrant and affordable food market. Don’t be afraid to ask what’s good and how it should be cooked if you’re unsure.

Do you have a money-saving tip to add?

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