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Welcome to the YourLifeChoices Legal page. Our Power of Attorney information provides you with relevant knowledge to make the decision if it is for you, while our Wills page gives you all the information you need to decide what you want to do when you leave it all behind.

Blacklisted investments

Even the most savvy investors can have the wool pulled over their eyes but a simple check on

Legal powers

Most people know of the importance of making a will but have you ever considered how your affairs

Free legal advice

When faced with a legal problem, many people are dissuaded from consulting a lawyer due to

Difference between Enduring Power of Attorney and Power of Attorney

Should you become incapacitated, having a provision for your financial and medical matters to

Centrelink asset classes

Maureen is contemplating a move to over 50s accommodation. n

Where there’s a will…

Whether you're leaving your fortune to your grandchildren or the local cat shelter, making a

Selling up to move into a Retirement Village

Dorothy and her husband are looking forward to their new life in a retirement village but would

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