Major chain shuts down online store

Aldi has backed off from its online ‘special buys’ store. 

In a trial run, the chain had offered a limited range online, but that has been suspended due to supply issues. Which is probably fair enough, because while it was handy for finding ‘central aisle’ Aldi items without having to go in store, even a quick scroll showed it was riddled with ‘low stock’ or ‘out of stock’ classifications.

Aldi trialled the special buys and alcohol range online and flagged it would eventually put its entire range on the online store, but a spokesperson told it was “not the right time” for the expansion.

Back to queuing up for the big bargains then.

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Flavours fire up

There’s been quite a few crossover product launches in the past few years. Ice creams with lolly flavours and lollies with ice cream flavours come immediately to mind, but there have also been cereal-ice cream mix-ups as well –some with more success than others. Take it from me, Coco Pops Gaytime is not as fun as it sounds. 

Streets has taken it to the next level with an ice cream fragrance range of candles and diffusers.

You can now scent your house with Bubble O’Bill, Golden Gaytime, Rainbow Paddle Pop and Splice candles, fragrant oils, tealights and melts.

Sounds a bit ghastly, so it should probably sell like hotcakes.

Only available at Dusk stores and online.

Best supermarket deals this week


Sensible: Blueberries at $4.50 a punnet. Some people think blueberries are a bit of an indulgence but they are so darned good for you they are almost medicine. Great for popping into take-to-work lunches. 

Indulgence: Tyrell’s Crisps varieties, half price at $2.75. Chips have come a long way. I will always have feelings for chicken and salt and vinegar, but these days the occasional posh bag of chips sneaks its way into my trolley. Cheddar and chives is my favourite of this range.

See the catalogue here.

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Sensible: Finish In Wash dishwasher cleaner, three pack, half price at $5. Good option for those who hate cleaning. You don’t have to put a special cycle through, just toss it in the bottom of a normal full load once a month and let your machine do the work.

Indulgence: Air Wick essential oils candles, half price at $3. Are they the best scented candles going around? No, you can easily spend 10 times the price for the luxe experience, but they are certainly not the worst either and they don’t make the house smell like a public toilet like some.

See the catalogue here.


Sensible: Birds Eye oven bake fish fillets, selected varieties, half price at $5. A super handy item to have in the freezer for when you can’t be bothered cooking or want to make a phony takeaway meal at home. Add potato gems for the complete fish and chips experience.

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Indulgence: Starbucks by Nespresso capsules, $5.50, save $2. Be a barista at home with these handy coffee capsules in house blend and espresso. Starbucks failed spectacularly in Australia as a coffee chain, but kudos to them for pivoting to at-home products to keep their name in the market.

See the catalogue here.


Sensible: Chef’s Cupboard liquid stock, $1.49 down from $1.79. A great pantry staple. We can all remember when stock came in a chicken or a beef cube, although they were both so salty, the colour was really the only difference. Liquid stock is miles from that and although you can make your own, it’s time-consuming and often a bit ikky. Better to have a few containers of this ready to go. 

Indulgence: Scallop and champagne gratin, two packs, $9.99. Sounds fancy, so I’m putting it in the indulgence section. Comes in actual scallop shells, so maybe you can fake you made it yourself at your next dinner party.

See the catalogue here.

Will you miss the Aldi online special buys store? What’s your favourite Aldi product? Why not share your tips in the comments section below?

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