Romance on a budget

Even the most romantic amongst us will be irked by the fact that come Valentine’s Day, the cost of our favourite love tokens jumps dramatically.

Roses double, or even triple in price, and restaurants think it’s OK to only offer an expensive set menu. So, for those on a limited budget, or who simply refuse to have their wallets held to ransom, here are some simple suggestions for romance on a budget.

Create a playlist mix

This is about as cheesy as romantic gestures come, but think back to the 80s when a mix tape of your amour’s favourite songs was guaranteed to bring a smile to both your faces. Tapes may no longer be available, but add a bit of nostalgia to your playlist by choosing songs from way back when.

Prepare a treasure hunt

Treasure hunts are not only fun for the person doing the searching, they take a little bit of thought and preparation by the one leaving the clues, which is a winner in the romance stakes. Leave little love notes all over the house, on the sun visor of their car, and maybe even on their desk at work or with the local shopkeeper. The ‘prize’ at the end of the search can be whatever you want.

Recreate your first date

Assuming it wasn’t a flashy, expensive affair, take your loved one back to where it all began and reminisce about how that night was the start of a great relationship. Even if your first date didn’t quite go as you had planned, it will give you a giggle and a sense of achievement at how you overcame the ‘adversity’.

Take a walk in the rain

Thankfully, when it rains at this time of year, it’s not too cold that you’re in danger of catching a cold. Doing something just a little frivolous and carefree is liberating and incredibly romantic.

Write a love letter

When was the last time you put pen to paper and told your partner just how much they mean to you? Many years ago we imagine. It doesn’t have to be soppy, it could even be a little bit saucy – whatever floats your boat.

Dedicate a song

Do you have a favourite radio station that you both listen to? If so, imagine their surprise and delight to hear you express your love over the airwaves with the dedication of ‘your’ song. Corny, we know, but effective.

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