Your loyalty could be costing you

Are you loyal to your energy retailer? It could be costing you

Research shows baby boomers are loyal to their energy providers, and it might be costing them more than they bargained for

When is the last time you changed your energy provider? If you said “never,” you aren’t alone. About a third of us have never switched, and that the over-55s are more likely to have stayed loyal to their gas and electricity retailers – and have paid through the nose for that loyalty.

So how can you break the loyalty trap? EConnex is helping the over 55s save on gas and electricity, getting the rates they deserve.

EConnex is an energy comparison site that helps you choose the right gas, electricity, and even telco plan that’s right for you. You’ve probably heard of comparison sites before and had a bad experience. EConnex is different. EConnex doesn’t call you up and pressure you into a deal that’s better for them than it is for you. Everything is done online from start to finish. Here’s how it works.

You get on to EConnex and if possible, have some bills handy to make the comparison. You add your details such as location and average energy usage, and EConnex will give you a table of all the available plans in your area. The big difference is that EConnex shows you approximate savings in real dollars, not confusing and vaguely-worded discounts. You’ll know how much you’ll have left in your pocket each month (or quarter) when you switch to the new plan.

If you so choose, you can sign up right then and there. In most cases, you’ll need a driver’s licence or other form of identification such as a Passport. EConnex hands over your details to your new retailer using their secure servers. You could have it done and dusted during a commercial break!

To find out more, or to start saving today, have a look at EConnex. Confused? Don’t worry – there’s help standing by just a phone call away!

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