The ultimate seafood road trip

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Vietnam is fast becoming a must-visit foodie destination, with delicious delicacies spread all over the country. Seafood is the dish of the day, owing to Vietnam’s prime location along the glistening coast of the South China Sea.

The waters off the coast of Vietnam are home to an amazing array of fresh seafood, which, once landed, make their way directly to the local fish markets. Chefs from all over the country visit these seafood markets to buy their fresh produce for the day ahead.

Whether you’re weaving through Vietnam in the comfort of a car or can feel the wind in your hair as your whizz along the stunning coastal roads on a scooter, there’s something for everyone when you visit Vietnam.

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Where does the journey start?
What better place to begin your sea-foodie road trip than in Vietnam’s capital city, Hanoi? The adventurous chef at La Verticale experiments with modern versions of traditional Vietnamese dishes, perfectly fusing eastern and western flavours. If you make a pit-stop at La Verticale, try the duck terrine and rillettes with Hanoi five spice. You can really taste the French influence in these dishes.

If you’re looking for a spot of sophistication, your next stop on this foodie journey should be Home Hanoi Restaurant. Blending the history of old Vietnam with western influences, you’ll enjoy dishes that are completely unique. 

Once you’ve enjoyed all of the culinary delights of Hanoi, it’s time to get on the road and head down the coast to Da Nang. Right on the beach, you’ll find Cua Bien Quan. Try the fresh oysters and clams coupled with amazing sea views – you won’t regret it!

Next stop on the coastal road is Nha hang Be Man. Known for the freshest seafood in Vietnam, this little spot is the perfect place to try prawns, oysters and steamed crab, all served with delicious sauces to enhance the already tasty seafood.

If you’re looking for Vietnamese seafood dishes with a twist, then the White Rose Restaurant in Hoi An is a great place to stop off. Sample the fried seafood wonton ‘pizza’ and sip a few beers while you watch the skilled dumpling chefs work their magic.

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Your next stop is District 4 which is the smallest urban district of Ho Chi Minh City. Here you will find rows and rows of street food stalls cooking up an amazing array of delicious hot food. There’s a bustling street food vibe here, so take a look around before deciding which dishes to try.

After all of the street food in District 4, top it off with a visit to Maria Saigon Seafood Restaurant? From delicious and healthy seafood spring rolls with fresh herbs, to Ngoc Suong, which is fish served with a light and zingy salad and peanut sauce. What a way to end your culinary adventure through Vietnam!

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  • La Verticale – Vietnamese foods infused with western influences.

  • Home Hanoi Restaurant – A fusion of old-world splendour and cutting-edge sophistication.

  • Cua Bien Quan – The perfect sea view to enjoy as you devour some fresh oysters and clams.

  • Nha hang Be Man – The seafood fried rice here is a must-try.

  • White Rose Restaurant – Local food with an American twist, try the “Hoi An Pizza” Fried Wontons with Seafood.

  • District 4 – Hundreds of stalls of street food – walk down seafood street for some freshly caught delights.

  • Maria Saigon Seafood Restaurant – The seafood spring rolls and Ngoc Suong fresh fish salad with peanut sauce.

Where is your ultimate foodie road trip? Have you been to Vietnam? What did you think of the food?

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