Home of the World’s Best Sandwich

Not only can Melbourne lay claim to the title of World’s Most Liveable City but it is now also home to the World’s Best Sandwich. Can this city get any better?

The 2011 World Sandwichship was held at the Sydney Opera House last Friday, and it was a Melbourne chef who took first prize. Matt Wilkinson created a ham and three tomato pickle toasted sandwich with Welsh rarebit fondue, to win the title of World’s Best Sandwich.

The (now famous) cheese toastie was judged by the Australian Sandwich Association on presentation, taste, innovation and ‘wow’ factor. The co-owner of Pope Joan in Melbourne said “I wanted to do the humble sandwich and Australia proud”, and Matt, we think you’ve done just that.

Need some inspiration for your own humble sandwich? Why not try our delicious Coronation Chicken filling? Or do you have a favourite filling of your own?

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