Cringe-worthy Commonwealth Games gallery

Was the Commonwealth Games opening ceremony as bad as Liv thought it was?

Cringe-worthy Commonwealth Games gallery

Cringe-worthy or just very Aussie? Bizarre moments from the 2018 Gold Coast Commonwealth Games confused the rest of the world.

And are our team uniforms the mix of rugged elegance, beach and sunshine that Commonwealth Games Australia Chief Executive Craig Phillips claims they are, or are they just a throwback to an awkward fitting primary school uniform?

Our uniforms have been slammed internationally. At least this year’s uniform is an improvement on that of the 2014 team. Do these bomber-jackets and high-neck knits belong to any particular era, if any?

Here is Ricki-Lee Coulter, an ex-reality TV show star, being carried on a surfboard by a mass of lifesavers in front of 45,000 people. How, and why did this happen?

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    9th Apr 2018
    We watched the swimming last night and it was brilliant! 50 metre swims by both the men and women netted gold, silver, bronze for both! This was followed by the men’s 200 relay swim and again gold, silver, bronze! Just brilliant!
    The Paralympics integrated into the Games is another bonus. So inspiring and moving! They are courageous and great athletes!
    Proud to be an Aussie!
    9th Apr 2018
    Yes I agree Kathleen. Integration of able-bodied and not so-able-bodied events is wonderful. For the first time all the athletes get to share the roars and enthusiasm of the crowd. The m4dia now have no option but to interview all winners. I wish they’d support those who work so hard but don’t medal! Adding all the medals together will I hope encourage more countries to support all their athletes. Apart from this aspect I have no interest in these or any other games! As for jingoistic opening carry-ons - yuk!
    9th Apr 2018
    The integration is long overdue!
    9th Apr 2018
    Because you aim to cater for the retirement demographic, please don't feel you must be negative and critical of everything. We live in an amazing age, exciting and stimulating. What we don't like, we can simply tune out. At our age, we don't have time to waste.
    9th Apr 2018
    Yes, too much thankless moaning on here.
    We have freedoms that some other countries can only dream of!
    Life is pretty good and we are spoilt for choices and lifestyles. Even if you are disabled you have the world on your lap and on the big screen in your own home.
    Lucky us!

    9th Apr 2018
    Cringe worthy opening indeed!
    9th Apr 2018
    Our uniform is a million times better than England. Cheap white TShirts with bright red dragon and shorts. Someone’s idea of what you should wear to the Gold Coast. Much preferred the athletes in costumes which represented their country.
    9th Apr 2018
    The over long aboriginal opening was not only cringe worthy, but sad really!
    is that what we want to showcase for the world in 2018?????
    Is that all they achieved in the last 220 years of white intelligentsia and culture????
    made me feel embarrased.......far too much attention on them...

    9th Apr 2018
    Just a ridiculously expensive international pissing contest. What a waste of money.
    10th Apr 2018
    Can't disagree with the first sentence knowing-one.

    In that athletes of this ilk do it to compete, even requiring competition to reach peak performance, meets are going to happen pissing or not. These will aim to attract top competitors widely. We have seen just with Cricket and Tennis what an extraordinary amount of money is involved just to hold championships and tests between far fewer people. This mob don't even take home the massive winnings.

    On balance then it seems OK. The games not so much the Okcarism that is.

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