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Welcome to the YourLifeChoices Seniors Card page. So, what defines a senior? There is no one answer but you can check below whether you qualify for a seniors card from your state government.

In most circumstances, a Seniors Card is available to Australians aged 60 and over who are not working full-time. The cards are issued free by the relevant state and territory government and enable holders to receive a wide range of discounts on public and commercial activities. This can be especially useful for those who have retired, or those who are working fewer hours but do not yet qualify for the Age Pension.

Eligibility criteria and concessions available vary so contact your State/Territory Seniors Card office for details. Also, contact the local Seniors Card office to order a new card to replace one lost or damaged.

Although Seniors Cards are issued by States/Territories, businesses (including tours, attractions and accommodation) in one state will usually recognise cards from another. Shops frequently display a 'Seniors Card Welcome' sticker.

Generally Seniors Cards will not attract concessions on interstate public facilities but there are exceptions. 

Interstate transport concessions explained

nsw vic border

Interstate transport concessions explained

If you divide your time between two states, where can you receive transport concessions?

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Seniors Card explained

Seniors Card explained

Seniors Card explained

Are you eligible for a Seniors Card?

Seniors Card – who can get one?

Seniors Card, Who can apply, state, territory, Australia, Eligibility, over 60

Seniors Card – who can get one?

Eligibility for a Seniors Card varies depending in which state or territory you reside. ...

Centrelink measures

Centrelink measures

Centrelink measures

Centrelink will receive $30 million to provide improved call centre services.

Seniors Card – What is it?

Seniors Card, What is it, older citizens, concessions, discounts, services, Australia, state, territory

Seniors Card – What is it?

The Seniors Card is administered by the separate state and territory governments.

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