Maintaining and improving your health and wellbeing as you get older is vital to enjoying your later years. YourLifeChoices understands this and we bring you up-to-date information, resources and relevant feature articles on the health checks you need, nutrition, managing pain, choosing health insurance, the ins and outs of grandparenting and which alternative medicines may give you the health boost you need. We also explain how aged care works, including residential aged care, aged care services delivery and health and ageing.

Lymph node swelling explained

Why your lymph nodes are swollen

Lymph node swelling explained

Your lymph nodes can swell and become tender for a number of reasons.

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  1. Why more women get Alzheimer’s
  1. Which oil is the healthiest?
  1. What happens when you stop sex?
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  1. Poor sleep linked to heart disease

How much TV is too much?

How much TV is too much?

How much TV is too much?

Watching television for more than three and a half hours a day linked to poorer ...

Jane Goodall’s fight for animal rights

Jane Goodall: on factory farms and animal welfare

Jane Goodall’s fight for animal rights

Sixty years on, Dame Jane continues her tireless campaign for a healthier environment.

Bizarre facts about the human body

heart and blood vessels inside the human body

Bizarre facts about the human body

Did you know an average adult’s blood vessels could circle the Earth four times?

The wonder of a standing ovation

The wonder of a standing ovation – when standing is a challenge

The wonder of a standing ovation

A 1000-kilometre journey, despite crippling arthritis, proves the power of music.

Saving your eyesight, early

Saving your eyesight, early

Saving your eyesight, early

Early detection can help reduce your risk of the ‘big four’ eye diseases

Why our sleep patterns change

Why our sleep patterns change

Why our sleep patterns change

Don’t sleep on it. Professor Marc Cohen explains what you need to know.

Your Health

Cholesterol facts and fiction

If you have high cholesterol, there are ways to deal with the problem without drugs.

Fact from fiction

What your heart rate means

Your heart rate may tell you more about your health than you realise.

What’s your bpm?


Talk hearing loss with family

If you suspect a loved one is struggling …

Can hearing aids help?

Some aged care homes ‘run like a factory’

‘Frankly, there are some places … I wouldn't go anywhere near,’ says professor.

The transparency issue

Combat these health issues with exercise

Regular exercise can help manage symptoms and improve health.

Time to get moving


Drug can stop hearing loss: study

Biologists identify hearing-loss receptor, use drug to prevent hearing damage

Saving sound

Hearing aids may prevent dementia

People who wear hearing aids for age-related hearing problems maintain better brain function.

Hearing check

Advantages of disability

Could there be positives in failing sight and hearing? Peter Leith believes so.

Look, listen, love

Health news

Common drug may delay dementia

Researchers want to know if it will have the same effect on people without diabetes.

Anti-ageing and dementia?

How much more will you pay?

Depending on your fund, the October rate rise could be higher or lower than 2.92 per cent.

Rate rise calculator

Bee venom cancer breakthrough

Australian researcher discovers potential honeybee venom treatment for breast cancer.

Science, naturally


The Aussies refusing to get tested

A study reveals more than a third of Aussies with flu-like symptoms spent time in public.

Risking it all

Is a GST increase on the cards?

A question at Daniel Andrews’ press conference points to a possible GST increase.

COVID excuse

COVID severity or death

New research reveals who’s most likely to get COVID-19, and who’s most likely to die.

Studies predict severity

Health essentials

How healthy is your supermarket?

The ‘Fresh Food People’ awarded healthiest home brand packaged products.

Who’s healthiest?

Turn care wait from nightmare to dream

Most Australians want to age at home. Here’s how we can.

Home sweet home

A country (mostly) on the mend

How the environment is recovering after record heat, drought and bushfires.

Going green

Brain health

Can cancer reduce dementia risk?

Link between cancer and dementia risk may hold secret for prevention.

Can cancer help?

Prolonged fertility link to dementia

Women with a longer reproductive period at higher risk of developing dementia.

Dementia link

Lifestyle changes that beat Alzheimer’s

Reduce your risk of Alzheimer’s, even when you are at an older age.

Simple but effective

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