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Improve your memory with these five tips

Five best ways to improve memory

Improve your memory with these five tips

Here are five great ways to improve your power of retention.

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Nurofen fined $6 million for furphy

Woman holding her back in pain

Nurofen fined $6 million for furphy

The giant furphy peddled by Nurofen has cost it dearly.

Do you have the fat gene?

Do you have the fat gene?

Do you have the fat gene?

Do you still feel hungry even though you’ve had enough food to sustain your body?

Why do we sneeze?

Blonde woman sneezing into tissue

Why do we sneeze?

What exactly is a sneeze and why do we do it? The reasons are more ...

Breakthrough could cure deafness

woman cupping ear to hear better

Breakthrough could cure deafness

A cure for deafness could be just five years away after scientists grow cochlear cells.

How to care for your dentures

Senior womans smiling mouth with dentures

How to care for your dentures

Learn how to care for your dentures properly to extend their life.

Can’t get an appointment? Here’s why

doctor marking a clipboard

Can’t get an appointment? Here’s why

Are public sector wait times getting longer?

Your Health

Do soapless cleansers kill germs?

Will soapless cleansers clean stains and kill germs as well as traditional soap?

Do they really kill germs?

Diet linked to mental health

The Mediterranean diet may be the key to tackling mental health problems.

Food for thought

Should I use ice or heat?

Read this before you reach for an ice or heat pack next time you’re injured or in pain.

Pick the right pack


Scientists discover anti-ageing pill

A molecule found in red wine could be the answer to anti-ageing.

Wine fountain of youth?

Five tips to improve your memory

Here are five great ways to improve your power of retention.

Sharpen your mind

The sin of ‘letting yourself go’

In our youth-centric society, we are all under the microscope.

One for the ladies


Spiders could save you from stroke

The venom of funnel-web spiders may one day be used to treat stroke patients

A wicked web?

What is pre-diabetes?

What is pre-diabetes? Can you stop it from becoming type 2 diabetes?

Are you at risk?

Aussie men to lose longevity title

Australian men are top of the world for life expectancy, but all that will change by 2030.

Where to live longest


Top three hearing myths explained

To help you understand hearing loss, we’ve explored the most common misconceptions.

True or false?

Your hearing health explained

Diminished hearing can have a huge impact on your way of life and general wellbeing.

Read this free booklet

Focus exercises for hearing

There are a few things you can do yourself to help you maintain better hearing.

Improve your hearing

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Ten early signs of dementia

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