Maintaining and improving your health and wellbeing as you get older is vital to enjoying your later years. YourLifeChoices understands this and we bring you up-to-date information, resources and relevant feature articles on the health checks you need, nutrition, managing pain, choosing health insurance, the ins and outs of grandparenting and which alternative medicines may give you the health boost you need. We also explain how aged care works, including residential aged care, aged care services delivery and health and ageing.



Your night light is hurting your health

Many older people are risking their health by exposing themselves to light at night.


Measurement tool can predict your future health

Researchers develop a measurement tool that can reveal much about your future health.


‘Games’ that can help prevent those wee mishaps

Got a lazy pelvic floor? An expert assesses the devices and exercises that promise to help.


This much sleep increases your risk of dying by 24 per cent

Want to live a longer, healthier life? Pay closer heed to your device's sleep data.


Doctors seek halt to Medicare cuts that threaten telehealth

Doctors claim any cuts to telehealth will hurt older Australians and vulnerable patients.

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