Claw your way back to strong hands

There are umpteen gadgets to help with difficult tasks around the home like opening jars or turning on taps, but the niftiest way to get a grip is literally at your fingertips – hand exercises.

As we age, the cartilage around the joints in our hands wears away making some tasks painful to carry out.

But there is no need to just accept that you won’t be as dextrous as you once were.

Empowering your digits with daily hand exercises will over time improve your fine motor skills and build strength into your grip.

According to the popular health site WebMD, its recommended exercises can not only increase your range of motion, they also help to bring pain relief if you have joint problems, such as arthritis.

The exercises are simple, effortless and should take only a few minutes. If you begin to feel pain when you stretch your fingers and hands, you are using too much exertion.

A simple way to start working out your hand is by wrapping your thumb across your fingers to make a gentle fist and holding for between 30 to 60 seconds. Release and spread your fingers wide. Repeat with both hands at least four times.

Click here to view more of WebMD’s easy exercises to help you become nimble-fingered again.

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