Five quick, healthy recipes

Eating healthily doesn’t need to take hours in the kitchen, nor does the food need to bland and boring. We’ve collated these five recipes from our website that prove the point. Bon appétit!

1. Salmon Burgers

Instead of the usual beef burger, why not try our Salmon Burgers? The heart-healthy omega-3 fatty oil in salmon is sure to keep your ticker in check. Serve as you would a beef burger: in a bun or with a fresh salad. They only take 15 minutes to make and serve four.

2. Creamy Coconut Chicken with Spinach

Our Creamy Coconut Chicken has a delicious creamy texture and depth of flavour with the health benefits of coconut. And the spinach offers you a good dose of greens, helping you to reach your quota of ‘five vegetables a day’. Takes 35 minutes and serves two.

3. Roast Beetroot and Honey Pecan Salad

Okay, so this one takes a little longer to make (about 60 minutes), but you can roast the veggies up to three days beforehand, and pull together the salad quickly on the day you’re serving it. Makes a delicious side to any roast or grilled meats, or as an entrée. Serves four.

4. Chicken and Cashew Lettuce Wraps

Our Chicken and Cashew Lettuce Wraps are fun to eat, since you eat them with your hands. And they’re a much healthier version of the Chinese dish ‘san choy bau’. The dish takes only 15 minutes to prepare and serves two.

5. Tuscan Salad

Our rustic Tuscan Salad makes for a hearty meal with a good dose of fibre from the beans. Make it heartier by adding tinned tuna or salmon – the added protein helps to fill you up and keep you satisfied until your next meal. The salad takes only 15 minutes to make and serves two.

Which other healthy recipe from the YourLifeChoices website have you made and truly enjoyed?

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YourLifeChoices Writers
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