Your partner’s attitude can reduce your Alzheimer’s risk

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Science now supports the saying, ‘happy wife, happy life’. 

Michigan State University research has found that those who are optimistic contribute to the health of their partners, staving off the risk factors leading to Alzheimer’s disease, dementia and cognitive decline as they grow old together.

“We spend a lot of time with our partners,” said Assistant Professor William Chopik, one of the authors of the study. “They might encourage us to exercise, eat healthier or remind us to take our medicine.

“When your partner is optimistic and healthy, it can translate to similar outcomes in your own life. You actually do experience a rosier future by living longer and staving off cognitive illnesses.”

An optimistic partner may suggest eating a salad or working out together to develop a healthier lifestyle.

For example, if you quit smoking or started exercising, your partner will often follow suit within a few weeks or months.

“We found that when you look at the risk factors for what predicts things like Alzheimer’s disease or dementia, a lot of them are things like living a healthy lifestyle,” Assoc. Prof. Chopik said.

“Maintaining a healthy weight and physical activity are large predictors. There are some physiological markers as well. It looks like people who are married to optimists tend to score better on all of those metrics.”

The study followed nearly 4500 heterosexual couples for up to eight years.

The researchers found a potential link between being married to an optimistic person and preventing the onset of cognitive decline, thanks to a healthier environment at home.

“There’s a sense where optimists lead by example, and their partners follow their lead,” Assoc. Prof. Chopik said.

“While there’s some research on people being jealous of their partner’s good qualities or on having bad reactions to someone trying to control you, it is balanced with other research that shows being optimistic is associated with perceiving your relationship in a positive light.”

The research also indicated that when couples recall shared experiences together, richer details from the memories emerge.

A recent example, Assoc. Prof. Chopik explained, was Google’s tearjerker ad, ‘Loretta’, in which an elderly man uses his Google Assistant to help him remember details about his late wife.

“The things he was recollecting were positive things about his partner,” Assoc. Prof. Chopik said.

“There is science behind the Google ad. Part of the types of memories being recalled were positive aspects of their relationship and personalities.”

With all of its benefits, is optimism something that can be prescribed? While there is a heritable component to optimism, Assoc. Prof. Chopik says there is some evidence to suggest that it’s a trainable quality.

“There are studies that show people have the power to change their personalities, as long as they engage in things that make them change,” Assoc. Prof. Chopik said.

“Part of it is wanting to change. There are also intervention programs that suggest you can build up optimism.”

Across the board, everyone benefits from a healthy dose of optimism from their partner. For the glass-is-half-empty people, a partner can still quench their thirst. For the glass-is-half-full people? Their cup runneth over.

Are you an optimist or a pessimist? What about your partner?

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    Really? Sadly, I know several people who have/had dementia and some were bright and positive before this insidious disease took hold. Let’s not blame the spouses either.

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    If you are carer (caretaker) for a grumpy and sometimes vague person, Alzheimers could sound like a fine option.. just to forget for a while..

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    I totally agree with Sundays I lived trough with it with my late husband and I’m positive person

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