Healthy ageing a Budget priority

Aside from the tax cuts, one of the biggest packages in Tuesday’s Federal Budget was the More Choices For a Longer Life announcement.

The package introduced a host of measures aimed at helping Australians to live longer and healthier lives as well as being more prepared and independent.

Australians are now expected to live almost 10 years longer than they were 50 years ago, with our life expectancy the fifth highest in the OECD.

The Government’s More Choices For a Longer Life package includes online interactive checks at 45 and 65 across key areas of skills, finances and health. It is aimed at helping Australians plan in order to get the most out of their longer lives.

To support the mental and physical health of older Australians, the Government is spending $82.5 million to improve access to mental health services and $20 million to support older Australians to remain socially connected to their communities.

As part of the package, people over 65 will be assisted to undertake more physical activity.

Locally based sporting organisations will receive grants totalling $22.9 million to deliver new programs for older Australians.

Would you be keen to get involved in the More Choices package? Are you already an active older Australian?

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Ben Hocking
Ben Hocking
Ben Hocking is a skilled writer and editor with interests and expertise in politics, government, Centrelink, finance, health, retirement income, superannuation, Wordle and sports.
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