Play Peeball for prostate health

It’s International Prostate Cancer Awareness Month and, in this week’s Friday Freebies, we have 10 Peeballs to give away to fellas who would like to set their minds at ease about their prostate health.

Prostate cancer is one of the biggest killers of Australian men. However, it is often a slow growing disease and many men can live for years without obvious symptoms and without it spreading and becoming life threatening.

Men are traditionally bad at considering their health a priority, and in particular, the fear of having their prostate examined means that many Aussie males put off the uncomfortable procedure, possibly missing the chance of early detection and lowering the rate of surviving the disease

Peeballs were created as a means to make identifying poor prostate health a little more comfortable than a rectal examination, helping men diagnose potential problems with their prostate in a fun and light-hearted way.

Playing ‘Peeball for Prostate’ is easy. You simply purchase a Peeball, place it in a urinal (not a traditional toilet) and pee on it to see if you can break it apart. If you do, you’re in the clear. If not, you may need to see a GP for a full examination.

So, what are the numbers?

Each year, 20,000 new cases are diagnosed and 3000 men lose their lives to he disease. Men aged 45+ are recommended to speak to their GP about their likelihood of developing the disease and the need for a test.

Your risk of developing prostate cancer increases with age. By the age of 75, one-in -seven men will develop the disease. By the age of 85, these odds increase to one-in-five. Early detection increases your chance of survival.

For your chance to win one of 10 Peeballs, simply email us at [email protected] with your full name, postal address and the answer to the following question.

Q. What are your odds of developing prostate cancer by the age of 85?

Entries close 9 September 2016.

Peeballs retail at $3.99 per pack. For more information about Peeballs, or if you’d like to buy one, please visit

For more information about prostate cancer, please visit

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