Is it safe to visit Italy?

Euan has been planning his trip to Italy for several months but the recent earthquake has left him uncertain. In this week’s Travel SOS, we outline what he should consider before he leaves.  

Q. Euan
I’ve had a trip to Italy – Rome, Venice and Florence – planned for several months and am devastated by the news of the earthquake that happened last week. I should be departing in two weeks time and, although the danger seems to have passed, I am wondering if I should still go. Is it safe?

scooter in italian alley

A. What happened was indeed devastating for the people of Italy but in regards to travel there, you should be fine to go ahead with your trip.

The affected areas of Lazio, Marche, Umbria and Abruzzo each have their own websites that give details and information to people who are planning to travel in these regions. Although published in Italian, Google offers a translation of the page if you’re not fluent in the language.

If you purchased travel insurance before the event, then you should be covered should your travel plans be disrupted while in Italy. However, as many insurance companies have clauses on natural disasters, it’s worth checking with your provider about what they cover.

You may also wish to register your travel details on and keep up-to-date with any advice issued.

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