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What your body may be trying to tell you

Don't ignore these symptoms.

Science finds cocoa could protect the heart when stressed

Blood vessels function better during mental stress when people are given a cocoa drink.

Paracetamol not proven effective for most pain relief, says study

Ubiquitous over-the-counter medication is not proven against many types of pain.

Blood clots: Five reasons they may happen

Clotting is an extremely important function in the human body.

The soaps scientists say should be banned

How COVID hygiene practices are feeding the superbugs.

How these blue pills could be saving men from heart disease

Research finds impotence drug can increase the life span of men with heart disease.

Drinking wine may help protect you from cataracts

People who consume alcohol appear less likely to develop cataracts that require surgery.

Chemical pollution causing infertility, smaller penises

Sperm counts halved between 1973 and 2011 due to common chemicals, says professor.

Data shows Aussies 'alarmingly complacent' about exercise

Few Australians meet the physical activity guidelines required for good heart health.

Dining out associated with increased risk of early death

Dining out associated with increased risk of early death.

The 'officials' letting down those most vulnerable

University research reveals substitute decision-makers are ill-prepared for their role.

Just 25 grams a day almost doubles dementia risk: study

Meat under attack, but some experts won't be giving up their morning rashers.

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