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Which nut is best for your heart?

Eating nuts is linked to lower heart disease risk, but there is a dispute over which nut is

Light exercise for four hours a week increases stroke survivability

Study finds light exercise can increase stroke survival rate by up to 54 per cent.

Dissolving pacemaker could eliminate the need for some heart surgery

Scientists develop a pacemaker that dissolves in the body after several weeks.

Elective surgery backlog unlikely to be resolved any time soon

Bleak outlook for those awaiting elective surgery.

How does Australia's health system rate internationally?

In the wake of the Tokyo Olympics, another international scorecard has been released.

Why Baby Boomers are missing out on health insurance savings

Thousands of savvy savers are using Health Insurance Comparison to cut their premiums without compromising

The gap in health outcomes for the haves and have-nots is widening

Report finds that Australia suffers from significant health inequalities.

Consuming more fatty acids can reduce migraines, study shows

Fatty acids have lots of benefits for body and brain.

Australia's least healthy regions revealed in government report

How does your state or territory fare when it comes to these health outcomes?

What our 'kidney clock' can tell us about our age on the inside

Reduced kidney function affects our biological age, says Dr Norman Swan.

Research finds severe liver damage from supplements on the rise

Doctors uncover alarming increase in supplement-related liver damage.

PM slammed for lack of transparency on where vaccines are being sent

Victorian government releases vaccination data, but federal health minister won't.

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