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Older Australians more likely to abuse alcohol, study finds

Research shows daily drinking at alarming levels among older Australians.

Reading, writing letters and card games can delay dementia

Study shows that keeping your brain active could delay dementia by up to five years.

Greg Hunt says 90 per cent receive GP services free. Is he correct?

The federal government has come under fire for its decision to make changes to more than 900

Aussies with health insurance are fighting back against the great gap fee rort

Older Australians tend to be more vulnerable to these excessive costs.

Why are we still debating whether coffee is good or bad for us?

I enjoy my morning brew, so I'm happy to keep it in my life.

Experts 'disturbed' over toxic discovery in popular make-up products

Study finds toxic 'forever chemicals' in high percentage of personal care items.

How a funnel web spider could save your life

The venom from one of the world's deadliest spiders could treat heart attack victims.

World first pain-free diabetes test hailed a game changer

University team delivers 'world-first, pain-free diabetes test' after 20 years of research.

Are you drinking your coffee too early?

Research tells how to get the maximum benefit out of that cuppa.

How to become an early riser and why you should

Even the most stubborn night owls can learn to become morning people.

Researchers a step closer to easing sleep nightmare

Two repurposed drugs found to cut nightly sleep apnoea episodes by a third.

New study reveals greying hair can be halted – even reversed

Researchers now excited about other facets of 'ageing' they can tackle.

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