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Cannabis reduces blood pressure in older adults, research finds

A new discovery shows that medical cannabis may reduce blood pressure in older adults.

Pre-diabetes diagnosis less useful in older adults

Study finds that older adults deemed 'pre-diabetic' seldom progress to full diabetes.

Parasites could play a role in preventing ageing and living longer

Parasitic worms could hold the key to living longer and free of chronic disease.

New melanoma treatment a game-changer in cancer therapy

Australian doctors report a major breakthrough using immunotherapy.

Australia 'most health-concerned country in the world'

Global survey finds Australians are most concerned about their health, but meditation is soothing

Is it too late for Janet to try to improve her balance?

Rock-hopping looks fun but Jason Lee explains what other exercises will help.

Alarming jump in these cancer diagnoses

Lung cancer is the leading cause of cancer-related deaths, but blood cancers on the rise.

What the health minister says about a 'Band-aid tax'

A major Medicare review recommends charging bulk-billed patients for wound dressings.

Hypertension symptoms in women often mistaken for menopause

Early menopause can increase women's risk of heart disease.

Science uncovers foods that fight ageing and improve brain health

Super foods chia seeds and curcumin offer incredible health benefits to older adults.

How to cook this grain to remove a toxic ingredient

One of our favourite carbs comes with an unhealthy serving of heavy metal.

Medical marijuana now available over the counter

From today, medical marijuana can be bought without a doctor's prescription.

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