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News and information about health and ageing, including recent studies and updates on the latest health research and breakthroughs.

The reasons your hair may be falling out

The checklist for when your crowning glory starts to thin.

Health check finds Australia is stressed and obese

We've put on weight and we worried more during lockdown.

How age influences gender-related outcomes after heart attack

Research shows that sex and age play a large part in who experiences a heart attack.

Scientists closer to developing 'smart' stem cells made from human fat

UNSW researchers discover a new type of stem cell with regenerative abilities.

What causes common skin conditions?

A guide to some of the most common skin conditions and how to treat them.

Vitamin D supplements don't help ward off colds and flus: research

'We didn't measure coronavirus … but we can kind of extrapolate.'

Book camp: Get your fitness inspiration from these popular tomes

In 2021, the best fitness and diet books aren't all about self-denial.

Expert says fans better than air conditioning during heatwaves

Keeping the skin moist is vital when combating high temperatures, say experts.

Can Australians get an approved coronavirus vaccination before March?

Revealed: Who has the whip hand in the roll out of COVID vaccines.

Air fryers and immunity-boosting holidays set to sizzle in 2021

This year's health fads address the 'Monkey Mind', underwater massage and much more.

Hope on heart disease after drug breakthrough

Potential treatment for common, deadly heart disease moves to clinical trials.

Push for Medicare-style dental scheme for older Australians

Gum disease and decay are rising and Australians are avoiding treatment because of cost.

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