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Is your computer making you fat?

New research looks at why technology makes us fat, and the answer may not be as simple as you

Plastic causes breast cancer

There is an email going around which claims that plastic causes breast cancer.

New PBS medicines announced

A number of new medicines have been added to the PBS. Find out if yours are included.

Why women live longer

Scientists have finally come up with an answer to this boggling question

An apple a day lowers your cholesterol

Eating one apple a day can lower the cholesterol in your blood which causes your arteries to

Busting the memory myths

Do you know how memory really works?

Affordable dental care for pensioners

Pensioners are set to benefit from a $4 billion Dental Health Reform package

Vegemite beats up on superbugs

Vegemite, the humble Aussie spread, could be the key to battling antibiotic-resistant superbugs.

Ageing: all in the mind

In her article, Ageing: all in the mind, written for YOURLifeChoices online magazine, Dr Harriet

Super foods all women should eat

Super foods can help the anti-ageing process or fight diseases such as cancer

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