Researchers reverse some of the effects of dementia

Dementia researchers may have found a drug that can reverse memory deficits.

Scientists reverse dementia effects

Reversing memory deficits and impairments in spatial learning is a major goal in the field of dementia research and a team of researchers has now made a key breakthrough in this field.

A lack of knowledge about cellular pathways critical to the development of dementia has long stood in the way of significant clinical progress in this area. But researchers may have found a drug that may represent a significant clinical advance in this area.

Researchers at the Lewis Katz School of Medicine at Temple University (LKSOM) have demonstrated that tau pathology, the second-most important lesion in the brain in patients with Alzheimer’s disease, can be reversed in mice through the use of a drug.

“We show that we can intervene after disease is established and pharmacologically rescue mice that have tau-induced memory deficits,” the researchers explained.

The study, published online in the journal Molecular Neurobiology, raises new hope for human patients affected by dementia.

The researchers landed on their breakthrough after discovering that inflammatory molecules known as leukotrienes are deregulated in Alzheimer's disease and related dementias. In experiments in animals, they found that the leukotriene pathway plays an especially important role in the later stages of the disease.

“At the onset of dementia, leukotrienes attempt to protect nerve cells, but over the long term, they cause damage,” Dr Domanico Praticò said. “Having discovered this, we wanted to know whether blocking leukotrienes could reverse the damage, whether we could do something to fix memory and learning impairments in mice having already abundant tau pathology.”

After 16 weeks of treatment, animals were administered maze tests to assess their working memory and their spatial learning memory.

Compared with untreated animals, tau mice that had received the drug zileuton performed significantly better on the tests than those that received no treatment. Their superior performance suggested a successful reversal of memory deficiency.

To determine why this happened, the researchers first analysed leukotriene levels. They found that treated tau mice experienced a 90 per cent reduction in leukotrienes compared with untreated mice.

“Inflammation was completely gone from tau mice treated with the drug,” Dr Praticò said. “The therapy shut down inflammatory processes in the brain, allowing the tau damage to be reversed.”

Do you think doctors will eventually be able to reverse the effects of dementia in humans?


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    13th Jun 2018
    Give it time. The key word is "eventually".

    13th Jun 2018
    This is great news for YLC contributors, Mick and OGR. This represents hope that they will eventually realize how good they had it in the Howard/Costello years. Bring it on!
    13th Jun 2018
    LOL Wait for it :-)

    13th Jun 2018
    Great news, if this could be extended to Alzheimer's it would be even better.
    Ted Wards
    13th Jun 2018
    Dementia is an umbrella term for a range of neurological conditions, Alzheimer's being one of them. This range of dementia affects different areas of the brain and have different causes. So subsequently if its dementia research it will have results in treatment areas of the various conditions. I think half the problem is people dont actually understand that dementia is not a condition but an umbrella term.
    Ted Wards
    13th Jun 2018
    ementia is an umbrella term used to describe a group of diseases that may cause the brain to fail. Because it is progressive, the symptoms will gradually get worse over time.

    The damage caused by all types of dementia leads to the progressive loss of brain tissue, which in turn will affect a person’s:







    It is important to note that dementia is not a normal part of the ageing process. As we grow older we do become more forgetful and our brains just don’t work as sharply or as well as they did when we were younger, but that doesn’t mean we have Alzheimer’s or any other sort of dementia.
    13th Jun 2018
    What a crazy motherhood question, "Do you think doctors will eventually be able to reverse the effects of dementia in humans?" You might as well ask if anybody thinks that all diseases will be eradicated.
    Yup I Know
    13th Jun 2018
    We're NOT mice
    13th Jun 2018
    Another blinkered effort by researchers to use a drug to try and support one issue and create a bucket load of others. Has anyone looked at the Side Effects of zileuton? I will stick with just raising Glutathione levels for a safe, effective, easy to do, low cost method for improving my quality of life WITHOUT the risk of dangerous drugs and harmful side effects. The methods we use for raising Glutathione levels and the benefits are already well proven with Human clinical studies - we do have to use mice or animals to check the vague effects of dangerous drugs or other substances.
    13th Jun 2018
    Ok Rob, I will show my ignorance - what is Glutathione and how does one obtain it? Is it preventative, or curative?
    13th Jun 2018
    Hi Big Al, we will try and keep this as simple as possible for you. If you search about for information on Glutathione you will find it has a huge amount of studies, and all for good reason.
    Glutathione is one of the most important molecules in your body. It provides support for your immune system, detoxes harmful toxins and other substances from your body, can neutralise free radicals in cells and keeps us well and healthy. Without this molecule we would die. As we age we make less and less Glutathione and the level is further reduced when we are in an unhealthy state.
    An answer of course is to reverse any deteriorating issues by raising Glutathione levels and we can do this to some extent with manufactured Glutathione, which means something ingested or IV Induced. These methods have problems with cost, intrusion, limited effectiveness and can even produce negative side effects. So, while the benefits sought are great the negatives are not and most likely the reason so many people and doctors still know nothing about all this?
    This link below does however provide some answers.
    You can copy and paste this link to your browser to find out more. The patches mentioned are available around the world through Lifewave distributors and posted locally in Australia from a dispatch centre in Melbourne. These are NON Transdermal patches, meaning nothing is ingested or induced into the body and NO harmful side effects. They communicate with the body’s energy system using Infra-red light when placed on or near the body and provide a near immediate and powerful positive effect. They are also proving safe for ALL ages, are easy to use and very low in cost. A $5 patch (Retail price) would appear far more effective than a $150 to $400 IV Infusion of Glutathione.
    We are not allowed to suggest much else in YLC or we would appear to be selling something? Ask about as there are now millions of people about the world using these patches and there may even be someone you know using them? We know many thousands of people are easing the conditions mentioned in the link by using these patches. As a disclaimer we are not Curing, Preventing or Treating any disease but just attending to the resultant symptoms the patches have been proven to assist with. It is in this function the patches are giving so many people back their quality of life.
    Our main aim is assistance toward the application and use of these patches. We do this ongoing and WITHOUT charge worldwide and now personally have nearing 11,000 people (doctors and other medical professionals included) we support this way!
    Is it preventative or curative? It is both in the safest and most effective way known today.
    Hoping this helps? Rob
    17th Jun 2018
    Has to be another drug, plant based diets can do the same thing.

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