Surrogate grandparents wanted

Grandparents are worth their weight in gold, however, there are many children who don’t know the value of having an older, wiser friend with whom to connect.  Would you consider becoming a surrogate grandparent?

A surrogate grandparent can be anyone over 45 years of age, is fit and active and would love to be part of a young family needing a little extra support. The Find a Grandparent website matches suitable grandparents with young families. Potential grandparents are not substitute babysitters, but act on a volunteer basis, the reward being the joy, happy moments and memories of becoming part of a family.

All potential grandparents wishing to take part in the scheme will need to undergo a National Police Check before their membership can be approved.

Without grandparents children miss out on a potentially rewarding and life-long relationship and parents get the chance to have a break from stressful family life.

The Find a Grandparent website will officially launch mid 2012 and it is currently looking for volunteers to register to help it support the launch. Registering is free for potential grandparents, but families are charged a fee.

If you’re interested and would like to find out more, visit Find a Grandparent.

How important is it for you to be a grandparent?

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