Treat five types of wrinkles

We all either have or are in the process of developing wrinkles. It’s natural and, unfortunately, inevitable. However, while we can’t stop the ageing process, there are steps we can take to minimise the development and appearance of wrinkles and fine lines.

Here are five types of wrinkles and what you can do to help prevent or reduce the appearance of each.

Dynamic expression wrinkles
These lines are those that appear while you make an expression, such as crows’ feet when you smile or lines on your forehead when you frown. While these lines will go away once you’ve stopped pulling an expression, they can become permanent over time.

You could use skincare products that contain neuro-calming peptides, which, according to, may have an immediate smoothing effect on the skin. Or you could focus on relaxing your facial muscles in an effort to prevent frown creases forming, especially when alone or concentrating.

Static wrinkles
These wrinkles are the permanent lines that can be seen when the face is relaxed. They include crows’ feet and the ‘11 lines’ that appear between your eyes. These are those dynamic wrinkles that have become permanent and are worsened by skin damage. To prevent these forming, try not to squint, stay out of the sun between 10am and 2pm when ultraviolet (UV) rays are strongest and always wear sunscreen, even on overcast days.

Elastic creases
These fine lines appear around your lips, neck and cheeks as you age, and are caused by exposure to cigarette smoke, air pollution and the sun. The simplest way to prevent these wrinkles is to stop smoking and wear sunscreen. Products that contain antioxidants, retinoid and alpha hydroxy acid may also help reduce the appearance of these lines.

Compression wrinkles
These are the wrinkles caused when your skin is pushed or compressed, such as the lines left on your face after sleeping on a pillow. While they may gradually fade over the day, making an effort to sleep on your back rather than your front or side can help prevent them forming.

Gravity wrinkle
As we age our skin begins to sag as the amount of collagen in our skin naturally declines. This causes a deepening of the lines between our nose and mouth, our mouth and our jawline and the sagging of the skin on our neck. While we can’t fight gravity and stop these folds forming altogether, we can do facial exercises to rebuild muscles and structure in the face.

According to WebMD, smoking is the biggest predictor of wrinkles besides your age, so quitting may be the most beneficial thing you can do to keep your skin looking young.

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