Therapist tells how to keep your sex life on track as you age

Therapist Lucy Patarcic debunks five common myths about sex and ageing.

Age does not weary them – sexiest screen stars over 60

Survey reveals the ‘golden oldies' who get our pulses racing the fastest.

Surprising things that might be affecting your sex drive

Libido levels vary through life: here are some common causes.

When is it okay to move on after a partner dies?

How do you know when the time is right?

Slow dating: The online search for love during lockdown

Love waits for no man, or woman, but how to find and grow a relationship in lockdown?

Why printing out photos is so good for the soul

We take more yet print out fewer photos than ever.

Do marriage and money guarantee long-lasting happiness?

Research shows we recover from good and bad life events quite differently.

Do you need to worry about financial infidelity?

How to avoid money issues in a relationship.

Obesity linked to social ties in older women, more so than in men

Women who lack social ties have a greater likelihood of being obese, study finds.

How to join the dating game when you’re in your 50s

Dating agency owner shares what she has learnt over the years.

Sexercises to improve your sex life

Improve body confidence, stamina, quality of sex and even erectile dysfunction

Friday Reflection: ‘You don’t know what you’ve got ’til it’s gone’

Columnist Steve Perkin rises to the challenge to find us some good news.

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