The miracle of one glass of water

We’ve already reported just how much better off you’d be if you drank only water for 30 days. Increased, brainpower, slowed ageing and strengthened immune system are just a few of the benefits of drinking more water.

And yet, very few of us drink the recommended eight cups per day. In fact, results of a recent survey published in the Journal of Human Nutrition and Dietetics found that the average adult drinks around 4.2 cups of plain water each day – and that’s not including tea or coffee. The 4.2 cup per day average makes up about 30 per cent of the recommended daily intake.

So, if you’re one of the many not up to drinking the recommended eight cups per day, don’t walk away from that tap just yet, as you’ll be amazed at how beneficial for your body even one extra glass of water can be. (In case you’re wondering, one cup is around 250ml – or the same size as a small coffee).

Professor Ruopeng An, from the University of Illinois, has written a paper about the benefits of just good one glass of water. The study has found that those who increased their consumption of water one glass at a time, reduced their total energy intake by 68–205 calories and their sodium intake by 78–235 grams. They also ate 5–18 grams less sugar and reduced their cholesterol by 7–21 grams.

Increase those cups from one to two or three, and you multiply the health benefits.

So, for anyone wanting to manage their weight, reduce their intake of sugar, sodium and saturated fats, or just get a little healthier, drinking more water is an inexpensive, simple method that is guaranteed to get you on your way.

Read the full study.

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