Having diabetes doubles your chance of death: report

Australians with diabetes experience much higher death rates than those without.

Diabetes doubles chance of death

Australians with diabetes experience much higher death rates than those without the illness, according to a report released by the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare (AIHW).

The report also discovered some concerning trends seen among those with type 2 diabetes.

The report, Death among people with diabetes in Australia, examines the 156,000 deaths that occurred between 2009 and 2014 in people with diabetes who were registered with the National Diabetes Services Scheme, and shows a significant disparity in death rates for both type 1 and type 2 diabetes.

People with diabetes either have a total lack of insulin (type 1 diabetes) or they have too little insulin or cannot use insulin effectively (type 2 diabetes).

“We found that overall death rates among people with diabetes were almost twice as high as the general population,” said AIHW spokesperson Dr Lynelle Moon.

Importantly, the report also suggests a widening gap in death rates between people with type 2 diabetes and the general population.

“Overall in Australia, there is a trend toward lower death rates, but for people with type 2 diabetes, these improvements have not been seen. In fact, death rates among people with type 2 diabetes increased by 10 per cent between 2009 and 2014, mainly driven by the increase among the very old (85 and over),” Dr Moon said.

“And death rates from cardiovascular disease remained fairly stable for people with type 2 diabetes, despite improvements in cardiovascular death rates in Australia generally.”

The report shows some good news when it comes to death rates for people with type 1 diabetes, with rates falling by 20 per cent between 2009 and 2014, which was a larger improvement than that observed in the general population.

When looking at both type 1 and type 2 diabetes, the disparity in death rates between people with diabetes and the general population was greatest at younger ages.

“Death rates were 4.5 times as high for people aged under 45 with type 1 diabetes and almost six times as high for those with type 2 diabetes, compared with the Australian population of the same age,” Dr Moon said.

The report also shows that death rates among people with diabetes increased with socioeconomic disadvantage and remoteness.

“Coronary heart disease and stroke were the most common underlying causes of death among people with type 1 or type 2 diabetes. Kidney failure was also a leading cause of death for people with type 1 diabetes, while dementia was a common cause of death in those with type 2 diabetes,’ Dr Moon said.



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    2nd Nov 2017
    Hehehe - We are all going to die.
    It doubles your chance of a premature death.
    2nd Nov 2017
    The under 45 are mush fatter than we were at that age. An endocrinologist said if we live long enough, we’ll all have type2 diabetics. Hence the rise for the over 85’s.
    2nd Nov 2017
    Australians without diabetes experience much higher death rates - really Ben Hocking!!!! Rethink your opening lines, consider your own mortality and blush!!!
    2nd Nov 2017
    Yes an unfortunate headline to the article : With Diabetes I now have a 200% chance of dying ??!!!

    Also when discussing death rates one should always reference an age group.
    2nd Nov 2017
    A very interesting claim that "Australians with diabetes experience much higher death rates than those without the illness,"

    One would hope the Australian institute of Health and welfare would re consider this claim

    Diabetics and NON diabetics actually have the same rate of death as each other.. we all die... well, that's what I was always taught
    2nd Nov 2017
    Thanks rosret and others I posted my last comment before reading your comments.
    2nd Nov 2017
    YLC and particularly Ben, this is an appallingly poor attempt at reporting on research which affects millions of Australians. I admit I’m unsure about how to go about dying twice, once is enough I think. Ben if you had read the entire report and analysed it rather than pinching a few of the ‘attention grabbers’ you would know you were making incredibly dumb errors. The seniors who subscribe to this site deserve better than this. It is interesting that irrespective of gender, SES, age, place of residence etc people with diabetes are more likely to die prematurely than those without diabetes. It should scare us all that Diabetes 2 is increasingly more common in children and young adults and these young people are less likely to reach old age. The other scary fact is that those with uncontrolled diabetes increasingly require limb amputations, become blind, have strokes etc. Rehab is so much harder for the old so many amputees will need nursing home care and that’s the last thing we need! BTW reading the entire report is worthwhile.

    2nd Nov 2017
    It's the complications arising from diabetes that are the killers. And the sooner we recognize sugar (sucrose) to be a toxin, the healthier we'll be.
    2nd Nov 2017
    Polymath you sound like a Paleo-Pete devotee. Sucrose is not a toxin. Sucrose is produced by combining two monosaccharides - glucose and fructose and is a naturally occurring substance found in fruits and vegetables and consumed by humans for thousands of years. Over-consumption of all sugars but especially sucrose plus fat and salt are risk factors for morbid obesity (type 2 diabetes). Nearly all manufactured sweet and savory foods and drinks contain ‘hidden’ sugars, fat and salt which most people don’t realise.
    2nd Nov 2017
    It has always believed to be the sugar but it is not from what I have read recently, it is processed 'food' junk and not enough fibre, fruit and veg.
    2nd Nov 2017
    Fake News as one president would say. Its a pity you have to resort to sensationalism to get readers in. Yes I was stupid enough to fall for the trick. Much of what you say is premised on a person not looking after their self. If you drink excessively you will also have an early death. But as one has already said, we are all going to die of something in this case, if i believe you i have 20 % great chance. Please don't write garbage or else go get a proper job. PS with his rubbish I'm getting close to unsubscribing
    2nd Nov 2017
    Cool image though Deenick. Very appropriate for Halloween.
    4th Nov 2017
    Brings to mind a quote, allegedly attributed to Winston Churchill, that goes something like ' a lot of good science is ruined by bad English'.
    Fair Go
    11th Dec 2017
    Funny that; Ihave a sister who is 89 years old, had type 2 since she was 57, still going, albeit in a nursing home with a fair bit of dementia but still going. I guess everyone can't be part of the statistics.

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