Pain Management

10 pain-fighting foods

For many Australians, pain is a daily experience, but these foods can help.

Could that mystery pain be piriformis syndrome?

This uncommon, but painful, condition can severely affect quality of life.

Study finds psychological therapy can treat back pain

Scientists successfully use pain reprocessing therapy to significantly reduce pain intensity.

Wearable pain relief device approved by TGA

Device uses laser therapy to treat chronic pain conditions.

How to get to sleep when you have a cold

Sleep expert tells how you can get that much-needed rest to speed your recovery.

Seven ways to manage pain without reaching for the painkillers

Experts share coping strategies when you're living with chronic pain.

New trial to test age-old theory - and beat back pain

Exercising with a buddy is believed to be better, but the theory hasn't been tested - until now.

'How I have stopped chronic pain from defining my life'

'I have been in pain for up to 50 hours a week, for about 20 years. But I'm happy.'

Flow-on effects of poor posture explained - and a fightback plan

Do you suffer from back pain and headaches? Your posture could be the problem.

How your sleeping position impacts your health

Some of your favourite sleeping positions may be causing you harm.

Mind over matter – the dictates of pain

Research shows when it comes to pain, it's mind over matter.

Cannabis oil products could soon be available over the counter

Soon, you may not need a prescription to buy some cannabis products.

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