Win a copy of What’s Old is New Again

The Fowlers Vacola legacy has spanned world wars, bellbottoms and baby boomers and is now ‘retro chic’ again. What’s Old is New Again celebrates 100 years of Fowlers’ food preserving.

This beautiful 94-page book will inspire master chefs and kitchen cooks alike, with Fowlers’ tried-and-true preserving techniques livened up by new flavours, ingredients and produce. Featuring contributions from famous chefs, such as Maggie Beer, Stephanie Alexander and Andrew McConnell, this commemorative book also reveals the best-kept secrets of Fowlers Vacola’s founder Joseph Fowler, whose preserving techniques were closely guarded and previously only revealed to those who bought his patented preserving kits. It also contains Fowlers’ memorabilia, such as old brochures, recipes and advertisements.

We have five of these magnificent books to give away. For your chance to win a copy, simply email [email protected] with your name, phone number, postal address and an answer to the following question:

Q. Name one of the chefs who has contributed to What’s Old is New Again.

Entries close 23 December

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