Win a double pass to see The Program

The Program tells the story of an Irish sports journalist named David Walsh (Chris O’Dowd) who becomes suspicious that Lance Armstrong’s (played by Ben Foster) seven Tour de France victories are powered by illegal substances. Convinced that Armstrong is not the bionic man that everyone believes him to be, the reporter hounds Armstrong and his entourage until he exposes him as a fraud.

The movie follows the trials and tribulations and the rise and fall of one of America’s most admired, then disgraced athletes.

Five lucky members will win a double pass to see the film and one even luckier individual will receive a copy of the book. All you have to do to enter is simply email [email protected] with your name, your phone number, address and an answer to the following question, as well as an answer to the bonus question, if you’d like to win the book:

Q. How many Tour De France titles did Lance Armstrong win?

And the bonus book question:

Q. To which famous television presenter did Armstrong reveal his fraudulent ways?

(note: you may have to do a bit of research for the answer)

Entries close 11 December 2015.

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