Are you too old to wear jeans?

A British study on the habits of those who wear jeans has revealed how long it takes to find the perfect pair, how long we wear them and the age at which we should stop wearing them.

A survey of over 2000 Britons revealed that most people spend up to five days to find the perfect pair of jeans. On average, each pair of jeans comes with $50 extra in hidden costs for things such as fuel, parking and postage costs (if bought online).

Around six per cent of shoppers will actually cry in frustration before they find the right fit.

Usually, we’ll try at least three pairs, but up to six or more before we find the jeans we like.

And after all that, 24 per cent of shoppers admit that they have never found the ideal pair of jeans. Almost 30 per cent have given up on the dream of ever finding the perfect pair.

Typically, a pair of jeans will last three years – or at least that’s the average time between new pairs. One in five will wait five years and only five per cent of respondents waited 10 years before buying another pair.

Women will spend around eight and a half days trying on jeans – more than twice as long as men, who spend around four days to find the perfect pair.

And the age at which we’re supposed to stop wearing jeans? Well, according to those surveyed, it’s 53.

Marketing Director at online shopping site CollectPlus, Catherine Woolfe, is surprised that respondents think that denim is reserved for the younger generation.

“Denim is such a universal material and with so many different styles available it’s a timeless look that people of all ages can pull off,” she said. “This is highlighted by the fact that 55-year-old George Clooney came third in our list of most inspirational male celebrity denim wearers and the ever-stylish Mary Berry [81-year-old presenter of Great British Bake Off] can often be seen in a pair of jeans.”

Ms Woolfe suggests that the number of available styles means you should be able to find a pair of jeans that suit you no matter your age.

The poll also revealed Britain’s favourite celebrity jeans-wearers (age in brackets):


1. David Beckham (41)

2. Daniel Craig (48)

3. George Clooney (55)

4. Prince Harry (32)

5. Justin Timberlake (35)

6. Tom Hiddleston (35)

7. Callum Best (35)

8. Jeremy Clarkson (56)

9. Craig David (35)

10. Jude Law (43)


1. Michelle Keegan (29)

2. Cheryl Cole (33)

3. Kate Middleton (34)

4. Victoria Beckham (42)

5. Rihanna (28)

6. Myleene Klass (38)

7. Kate Moss (42)

8. Cara Delevingne (24)

9. Kim Kardashian (36)

10. Kimberley Walsh (34)


Do you agree that jeans should go back into the cupboard at age 53? Or will you wear your denim ‘til death do you part’? Do you notice how the age of men in denim is older than women? What do you make of that?

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