Avoid these eyeshadow mistakes

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As a trained make-up artist with years of online tutorials under her belt and a multimillion-dollar beauty empire to her name, Huda Kattan is an expert when it comes to eye make-up – to put it mildly.

The founder of Huda Beauty was excited to talk about eyeshadow – and the common mistakes people make – especially anyone not so confident when it comes to picking up an eyeshadow brush.

Ms Kattan says there are some key pointers you should follow – and some ‘rules’ you should definitely break.

1. Don’t start with bare eyelids
“I definitely think it’s important to prep your eyes really well – you need a good base to blend everything on.

“It’s important to start with a good concealer. And then I always like to put a powder on top of that, so I get a clean base.”

2. Don’t do your foundation before your eyeshadow
While it may seem sensible to start with foundation, if you’re going to be doing a bold eye look, you risk ending up with shadow migrating under your eyes.

“If you like to use a lot of darker shadows, I do think it’s a good idea to start with your eyes,” Ms Kattan says.

3. Don’t let your shimmer fade
“I like to make my shimmer pop, so I always mix it with something.

4. Don’t be afraid to experiment
“I feel like a lot of people get really scared about trying eyeshadow tones.

“For me, for instance, I never wanted to wear the warm shadows that I’m obsessed with now. I definitely think a big ‘do’ is to experiment with tones.

“You might surprise yourself; you might even change your make-up game forever.”




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5. Don’t think you have to use brushes
“I always think you should use your fingers to blend, especially for shimmers.

“We do have one brush that’s double sided, it’s silicone on one side and then the other side is a sponge applicator.

“Instead of using my fingers, because I have long nails I like to use that, but if you don’t have nails, use your fingers.”

6. Don’t always obey the rules
“I feel like there are rules and you should play around too.

“Me, for instance, I like warmer tones.

“So play around, see what you like, go crazy and you just never know what might look really nice on you.”

7. Don’t forget to set your eyeshadow
“I set my whole face with a setting spray.

“I don’t want to carry a mirror with me. I want to know how I look all day.”

Do you experiment with make-up? Do you have a go-to eyeshadow shade or do you like to mix things up?

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