Choosing celebrity-style sunnies

On the scale of difficulty shopping for sunglasses sits somewhere slightly above swimwear and underwear, although only just. If you feel like no sunglasses ever look good on you, you are definitely not alone.

That said, a good pair of sunglasses can not only complete an outfit, giving you that je ne sais quoi, as the French say. But are also essential protection for your eyes in summer. Here are four tips to ensure you end up with the pair that makes you look like a celebrity.

1. Learn from the experts
A side effect of being blinded by a constant flash of the paparazzi, and the need to maintain some level of anonymity, celebrities really know how to rock sunglasses. Do your research and pick a few celebrities whose style you like and who have a similar face shape to yours. Now look at what sunglasses they wear and try some on in a similar style for size … though, not necessarily in their designer price range!

2. Know your face
Further to the above, with sunglasses it all really comes down to proportion. Know your face shape and what that means in terms of which sunglasses will suit you best. We wrote a very handy article on this topic here.

3. Take a trusted friend
My mum falls into the earlier category of thinking sunglasses never suit her. I would argue otherwise; but regardless she has ended up with some great pairs by enlisting the help of a trusted friend (or daughter)! Whatever you do, don’t rush into buying the first pair you try on. Enjoy the process with an open mind and try on a lot of different styles to work out what is best for you. Make a day of it and take along a friend whose opinion you trust and who will be brutally honest with you – sunglasses are often an investment and you want to end up with a pair that makes you look like an off-duty celebrity – not someone playing dress ups.

4. Don’t disregard your eyebrows
Perhaps this is just my pet hate, but all too often you see people with their eyebrows poking out over the top of their sunglasses. I’m sorry but this just looks silly. More is more when it comes to sunglasses, so make sure you choose a pair with enough coverage both height and width wise and with dark enough lenses. The reason celebrities look so cool in sunglasses is largely due to the air of mystery and intrigue they create – something that has rarely been generated when your eyebrows are hanging out …

Do you have any tips for buying sunglasses? Have you found a brand or style that works best for you?

Here are five of our favourites for summer – and they won’t break the bank!

1. Glassons, Contrast Sunglasses, $24.99

2. Le Specs, Air Heart, $69.95

3. Mink Pink, Splice Girl – Peach Slice, $49.00

4. Sportsgirl, Lofting Sunglasses, $39.95

5. Tony Bianco, Ginza, $49.95


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