Face the reality of hats

Many of us have a fascination with hats – I mean, those we wear for style and statement reasons, and not the obligatory sun hat.

For many, hats only come out of the wardrobe during racing carnivals and maybe day-time weddings, but a hat can really add pizzazz to an outfit.

You don’t have to spend much on a hat to achieve maximum impact, but make sure you understand the style that will best suit your face.

We all have different face shapes and not every hat will suit us. You need to determine your face shape so you can choose the hat that’s right for you.

Generally speaking, hats are more versatile than we give them credit for – it’s usually the size of the brim and the height of the hat that determines whether it’s suitable and flattering for each of us.


Round faces
If you have a face that is as wide as it is long, then you probably have a round face. In this case, you don’t want anything with a particularly high crown as this will tend to accentuate your round face. Go for something a bit structured, and wear it on a tilt. Something like this wool fedora will suit your face.


Oval faces
An oval face is egg shaped – it’s longer than it is wide, and the chin is curved. Lucky you, your oval face can get away with just about any shape of hat. Choose whatever you feel like wearing as long as it suits your price point and your outfit! You can certainly wear hats with wider brims, so take a look at these two versions of the floppy panama hat and the cowboy hat.


Square faces
If your chin, cheekbones and forehead are all of similar proportions then you more than likely have a square face. You should aim to soften your features by bringing in the illusion of curves and roundness. You can wear baseball caps, baker boy caps, berets and any of the slouchy style of hats. This classic beret from Myer is great value at $20.96, but you could also just as easily wear this super cute baker boy cap.


Heart-shaped faces
This is usually quite a delicate face with a broader forehead, wider cheekbones and a pointy chin. You should avoid hats with a large brim. Opt for a medium-sized brim. You can wear a beanie or a beret too, but you should slant it to one side to draw attention to your cheekbones. Take a look at this cute pom pom beret from Witchery.


Classic hats can stay in your wardrobe for years, so choose wisely and you’ll reap the benefits.


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