FiFi’s favourite finds under $200(ish) for instant wardrobe joosh

I’ve been on the hunt for the best FiFi Finds this season under about $200.
Who said you had to spend a fortune to look chic?
The trick:
Stick to ‘expensive colours’.
By that, I mean black, grey, brown, white, taupe, cream and navy. With a touch of khaki.
And all sorts of tones of taupes, beiges and blues.
These pieces will look expensive even if they’re not.
Hot pink? Bright green? Purple? Red? Yikes.
Never look expensive unless they are. And never versatile.
You need to update the shapes, that’s the way you look modern.
Yes, the colours may stay classic, but it’s the new and exciting shapes that will transform your wardrobe.
Because isn’t the aim of getting dressed about looking chic and effortless?
Oh, and looking best for your age!
(And if you love hot pink and it makes you happy, then go forth and live your best life, but you won’t find it here unless it’s Bottega Veneta.)

Remember to invest in fabulous outerwear pieces such as a camel blazer and a seriously big statement coat. That’s where you get good bang for your buck.

N.B. Click on the links below to start shopping.

But wait there’s more!
Head to SHOP page for many more fabulous cheap and chic finds. Also, there’s lots more from Zara to HM on my FiFi Fav Finds Pinterest page.

Your shopping list:

1//Brown coat    2//Pointy flats  3//Denim shirt  4//Tan bag  5//Beige sunglasses 
6//Khaki puffer jacket  7//Black dad sandals  8//Pleather pants  9//Diamante earrings 10//Wide leg jeans  11//Cream sweater 12//Beige sneakers  13//Wrap belt 14//Camel vest 15//Beige long skirt

Fashion editor, stylist and uber shopper FiFi (otherwise known as Fiona Milne) is The FiFi Report.

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