Five tricks for wet hair

We’ve all been there … you’re running behind schedule and find yourself standing in front of the mirror with wet hair and no time to blow dry it. Or perhaps you’ve found yourself in a similar situation where there’s no hairdryer. Welcome to my life every second morning – I am lazy and don’t own a hairdryer, which means I have to get creative about how I ‘air dry’ my hair.

Thankfully there are a few ways you can salvage this situation without ending up with frizz all day.

Sleek is chic
The simplest solution is to brush your hair back and twist it into a low bun. Not only is this a classic style that will work on most hair lengths but it also means your hair will dry with some gentle texture – the twist is key here. Either leave it like this all day or release mid-morning when it’s had a chance to dry without fly-aways.

Wet look
In a similar fashion to the above sometimes it’s best to embrace what you’re working with. A high shine gel will help to create an intentional wet look style. Pick your part of choice – side, middle or brushed back and enjoy not having to push your hair out of your face all day. 

Beachy keen
Embrace your inner beach babe by employing the help of a texturising spray. Spraying sea salt on wet hair will help to give your hair that sultry beach goddess feel. Be sure to scrunch hair upwards after spraying from roots to ends so that your hair dries with some volume and doesn’t just hang there limply. 

Braids are best
Another way to ensure your hair dries with some form of discipline is to part it in the middle and then plait each side from the nape of the neck to the ends. While you may not want to leave the house like this, it will help your hair to dry with some waves. If you’re short on time and have a hairdryer give your braids some extra help by blasting them with some heat. 

The main issue with leaving the house with wet hair is the inevitable frizz and fly-aways that follow. Get around this issue by applying a smoothing or styling cream – that said, make sure it’s not too heavy. Then as you’re getting ready and on the way to your destination, periodically twist sections of your hair away from your face. This will mean it dries frizz-free and with some texture and shine – no bird’s nest in sight. 

What’s your wet hair hack for when you’re running short of time? We’d love to hear it in the comments below.

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