Inject some colour into your life

It is proven that colour can have a direct effect on your mood and winter’s general lack of vibrant tones can amplify some negative emotions. It’s time to stand out with brightly coloured coats that not only freshen your look but also lift your spirits.

Don’t be concerned by thinking you’ll get more wear out of a black or neutral coat – a bright jacket can bring many a look to life while still giving you maximum mileage on your investment.

See how these stylish ladies wear their positively colourful coats.

NOTE: All prices correct at 29 June 2020

Red coats. We’re pleased to note that this is the colour we most commonly see after blacks or neutrals. A textured, cosy red jacket injects colour into the cheeks and really does go with many other shades. It’s more versatile than popular navy as it goes so well with blacks – whereas navy can often be a little jarring against a similar tone such as black. Like the ladies below, pile in more reds, pink always works with red or add everyone’s favourite blue denim.

Image: Pinterest Midlifechic

Image: Pinterest

Image: Pinterest Linda Wright

Liz Jordan @ Noni B coat $79

Green coats. Green is the colour of the season – both the bold as well as the washed-out version commonly referred to as sage. The variations of green, from deep forest green to limes or oceanic hues means there is a shade for everyone. It may just be a bit of trial and error to find your match. And in case you’re wondering, yes, you can absolutely put blue and green together. And that colour in between? Just keep it simple, such as white or black.

Image: Pinterest Style at a Certain Age

Image: Pinterest

Pink coats. Pretty pink cannot be found in a more grown-up style than a sharp-looking coat. The colour-pairing options are endless – all your classics, grey, black and whites, look fab. Softer pinks suit creams best or add a pop of yellow. We also love to add a tonal soft pink scarf with the vibrant pinks too. It’s pretty much just all lovely jubbly.

Image: Pinterest Funky Forty

Katies knitted coat $44.96

Yellow coats. Nothing brightens up a dreary day like a touch of yellow. The tone that is said to represent happiness, freshness and clarity really does provide an instant pick-me-up. If you’re concerned about it washing you out, then opt of for the deep egg yolks or nearly-brown mustards. If you love the brights then go bold. We always recommend you define your lips (any colour is fine, just something) when framing the face with canary yellows.

Image: Pinterest

Image Pinterest: That’s No My Age

Blue coats. It’s the easiest step away from black clothing. Most of us suit a blue hue and have plenty to work with in our wardrobe, as the ladies below demonstrate beautifully – all blues suit all greys. It’s a simplistic colour set but basic doesn’t mean boring, it’s super sharp.

Image: Pinterest

Image: Pinterest ‘Seersucker & Sandals’

Image: Pinterest

Orange coats. Perhaps one of the more hard-to-find colours but those who love orange, really love orange. If you enjoy wearing lipsticks with an orangey-red tint, then you should probably keep an eye out for the same tone in clothing too. When styling orange, avoid adding in another citrus, such as yellow or lime, and instead look to the opposite side of the colour wheel for a fresh blue. It always works.

Image: Pinterest ‘The Sequinist’

MARCS felted wool jacket from Myer $224.96

Do you have a brightly coloured coat that immediately gives you a lift when you put it on?

Rebecca O’Hearn has had a long career as a fashion and beauty editor at Yours, Woman’s Day and FHM magazines and has styled some of Australia’s most famous faces. Her mission now is to help women of all ages feel confident that their wardrobe and beauty choices are the best they can be. Her website,, is packed with fashion, beauty and styling tips.

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