Six styling tricks to look more polished

They say clothes maketh the woman (or man for that matter) but in reality it usually comes down to how you style them. We’ve all had those moments of doubt where we flounder in front of the mirror, unsure how to fix an outfit that’s not quite right. 

Thankfully, these six simple styling tricks will help you to solve common outfit dilemmas and get you out the door looking your best in no time. 

1. Pull up your sleeves
Nothing screams sloppy like sleeves that are dangling around your fingertips. Push them up and get them to stay looking artfully scrunched with this easy hack. Place a hair tie or rubber band over your sleeve around the elbow region. Next, pull your sleeve to a spot on your arm that’s comfortable and looks good. Scrunch the bottom into position and don’t forget to hide the band under a fold of fabric. Voila, that perfectly just rolled up sleeves look is yours for the day. 

2. Zippers
Nothing looks worse than a zipper that won’t stay up. It makes you look like you’re busting out of your pants.To fix this,grab the ring from an old key ring or large safety pin and thread it through the hole at the end of the zipper pull. Now pull up the zipper and hook the safety pin or ring over your button. Leave the house with confidence that zipper isn’t going anywhere until you say so. 

3. Belt it
It’s amazing what accentuating your waist can do for an outfit. Add immediate shape and proportion to an outfit by adding a belt. Whether your wearing a skirt and top, dress or even blazer, a belt adds interest and a finishing touch to your ensemble.

4. Make it match
Stick with one colour or tone and wear it head to toe. Not only does this scream sophistication it also helps to lengthen your appearance.

5. Wrap it up
Instead of letting your scarf dominate your outfit by flowing freely and, thus, covering most of it, wear it wrapped tightly around your neck as a circle. Or alternatively, pin it down by putting it under you belt. This allows you to still add the interest of the scarf while not hiding the rest of your outfit.

6. Shrink your bag
There’s no doubt larger handbags have their benefits, namely all the extra things you can carry. However, if you want to look slightly smarter, a smaller sized bag will elevate any outfit. Bonus points for picking one with an interesting chain detail and wearing it cross body styles! 

Do you have any go to styling tricks you use to look more sophisticated? We’d love to hear your tips in the comments below.

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