Three new ways to shop second-hand

Long gone are the days when the op shop was your only option. These days buying second-hand doesn’t mean second-class. Discover three high-tech ways to buy second-hand and save.

Carousell is an app and website that allows men and women to buy and sell second-hand clothes. The website keeps it simple, by categorising clothes by type (e.g. tops, skirts, shoes etc.). You buy directly from sellers nearby, and if you want something shipped you will have to negotiate with the person selling. Unlike eBay, Carousell doesn’t charge a premium if you sell an item, so many people use it as a way to sell a lot of clothing items very cheaply, making it a great way to pick up a bargain. To avoid hassle, many sellers will also sell ‘bulk’ lots – for example, an entire bag of brand-name workout clothes for $10 (my personal favourite purchase of 2016). Selling on Carousell can also be a quick way to make some spare cash, ready to revamp your own wardrobe.

ASOS Marketplace
ASOS is an online clothing store that stocks a huge number of brands, and offers free delivery. The ASOS Marketplace branch of ASOS offers the same service, but it’s linked with large second-hand stores around the world, allowing you to find a fashionable bargain.

Reloved is a website that is still getting off the ground, so the selection of second-hand items is smaller, but the whole lot is curated to a high standard. The prices are very reasonable, and you can even see if they would be interested in selling second-hand items on your behalf. This website is especially useful for women, and those looking for gifts for children, as the menswear section is quite sparse.

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